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Education and Collaboration are the Best Solution

Bogor, Indonesia February 28th 2022

Education is the most powerful long term solution for Indonesia to recover from Covid Tsunami, for the future of our nation.

The Endless Pandemic situation in Indonesia has resulted many difficulties such as Bankruptcy, Job Termination, Children became Orphans, and the list keep on continuing.

With those situation, Children Education became the least priority, Percentage of School Dropped Out Students is hiking day by day.

Central Statistic Biro of Indonesia stated there are 4,5 Million children unable to continue their education back in 2019, last November 2020 one of KPAI (Indonesian Children Aid Commission) commissioner predicted 30%-40% increase (totalling to 6 Million children) in 2021 as impact of Covid 19.

The absent of education will create many present and future problems such as: Increase of Gender Inequalities Child Marriage, Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking, Prostitution and many more. Not to mention the raise of unemployment which will result to the hike criminal and poverty percentage and so on.

Starting from ideas of helping community, Bakti Nusa Foundation starting Free School Program in early 2021. The response was overwhelming, we have close to 1000 school aged drop out underprivileged children enrolled to the program and they’re continue studying in our education institution.

Collaboration for SDG

Bakti Nusa Education Foundation is also collaborate with MOELDOKO Center and JNE hence the graduates are able to get hired by the industry.

Moeldoko Center is the social foundations, belongs to The Chief of Presidential Staff of The Republic of Indonesia. 

JNE is the Biggest Local Courier Franchise Company which widely spread all over Indonesia.

Bakti Nusa Foundation hope through Free Education Program and Partnership will achieve No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and We’ll Being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economy Growth, Reduces Inequalities, Sustainable City and Community in shorter period.